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Ansys theory reference manual, release 14, ansys inc, 2011. The bicycle frame is designed by using creo p arametric 3. Figure 1 shows the frame that was used in the experimental study 3. Out of these the frame provides the necessary support to the vehicle components placed on it such as payload, batteries etc. Pdf a new bicycle frame design via stress and structural weight. How to design the lightest possible bike and still sleep. Ansys advantage volume v, issue 3, 2011 37 analysis tools with ansys composite preppost, the stiffness and resistance characteristics of fiberreinforced bicycle components can be optimally adapted to meet design requirements. Some basic dimensions of the bicycle frame model are given in figure 2. In this webinar, we take a look at how finite element analysis fea can help engineers to simulate and assess different bike frame designs during product development.

Almost everything has an internal structure and can be thought of as a structure. Structural analysis of a bicycle frame using finite element techniques. Design and analysis of bicycle frame strength of materials. Ktm technologies, a german consulting firm that specializes in composites, used ansys to trim the ebike frame down to 1. Bike frame analysis this exercise will analyze a new, innovative mountain bike frame design under structural loads. For analysis the initial and boundary conditions are introduced in the transient thermal nodule of ansys workbench. Solid works then assembled and analysis of this was done using ansys as shown in below figure. Transient structural analysis of compressor base frame using ansys, part2. But if your last use of a bike was to deliver newspapers, getting into a bike shop and picking up a modern racing bike will immediately inform you that the game has changed. An existing frame of hero cycle as a reference for design.

They investigated the fatigue life and failures of aluminum bicycle frames using finite element analysis and physical testing. Research shows that constructing bicycle facilities has the potential to increase the number of bicycle trips, which over time can reduce the need for more costly road expansion projects. Tutorial18 bicycle frame analysis in ansys grabcad. Structural analysis and optimization of bicycle frame. An impact test was simulated in ansys mechanical as described in the astm f271108 standard figure 3. Frames that are not internally rigid when a frame is not internally rigid, it has to be provided with additional external supports to make it rigid. The analysis is carried out for the frame, fork and rim and results are captured for deformation and stress which are critical parameters of deciding the safety of the structural components. Load on bicycle frame during cycling with different speeds. Configuration and analysis of bicycle frames using ansys software. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. The model is created using catia v5 and imported to ansys 12 for static structural. The majority of past bicycle analyses focus on the bicycle frame. The mechanical toolbar mtb will now appear and replace the main menu, input window, and the toolbar. The team collaborated with a local bike company, in the process of developing a new 6061t6 aluminum mountain bike, to investigate the fatigue behavior of the new frame and optimize the materialheat treatment and frame design.

The conditions for numerical analysis are as follows. Transient structural analysis provides users with the ability to determine the dynamic response of the system under any type of time varying loads. Ansys main menu solution analysis type analysis options. Jan 14, 2016 ansys workbench bicycle structural analysis ansys workbench tutorial. The problem considered here is the vibration analysis of the rightangle frame in example 11.

Deformation of the different materials bicycle frame in the present simulation. A new tool for bicycle frame design the strain energy design method by leisha a. Ansys vibration analysis of a frame simcafe dashboard. This welding operation is done at high temperatures, which creates areas of degraded material properties called heat affected zones haz. Design optimization of new bike structural frame for mechanical strength and weight through a detailed bike frame fea analysis finite element analysis. Bike frame structural analysis with fem simscale webinar. In this study stress analysis of a bicycle frame is carried out using ansys workbench 14. In addition to this rim is subjected to vibration analysis modal analysis, a part of dynamic analysis is carried out and its performance is observed.

Based on analysis results, engineers evolved the design so that the han. This paper talks about selection of material for bicycle frame and their comparison. Static structural analysis of foldable frame for bicycle using. Then the body gestures under different riding conditions were captured by a motion analysis system. A simple example is a linear spring compressed by an axial. At present bicycle frame is made of mild steel material. The modeling of bike frame is done in solid works and analysis of frame is done using the ansys work bench software. Finite element analysis of an aluminium bike frame. Transient structural analysis of compressor base frame using ansys, part2 duration. Consider the plane frame structure in the figure below.

The problem to be solved in this example is the analysis of a bicycle frame. Loads, stresses, and deflections in bicycle frames article pdf available in the journal of strain analysis for engineering design 214. Trek bikes trek bicycles, the largest specialty bike manufacturer, has standardized on dassault systemes software, using catia for design of its carbon fiber bikes and simulia for the analysis. For thermal analysis, the temperature distribution depends upon the heat flux entering the disc through both sides of the disc and wall heat transfer coefficient. Steel is the traditional material for bicycle frame. Pdf this article analyzes the stress and optimizes the design of a customized.

From ansys main menu select preprocessor element type addeditdelete. The meshed geometry in inp file format is again imported to ansys for analysis. Structural analysis of ladder chassis frame for jeep using. Description this case study highlights the engineering simulation and design optimization work that was done to optimize a titanium bike frame to meet our client design criteria and. Experiment and dynamic simulation were combined to obtain the loads on bicycle frame. Stress in rear impact maximum stress generated 170. Pdf structural analysis and optimization of bicycle frame designs. The objective is to determine the maximum stresses in the frame due to the weight of a large rider for 3 different loading conditions. Ansys workbench bicycle structural analysis youtube. Ansys additive print helps significantly reduce distortion to fulfill all the requirements on time without the need to produce sample parts. The analysis and testing of these hazs are performed in this study. Design and analysis of bicycle frame free download as powerpoint presentation.

Fatigue failure locations and fatigue lives are critical considerations for bicycle frame design. Analysis of mountain bike frame by fem iosr journal. Structural modal analysis 2d frame ansys tutorials. Note that the frames are not quite where they need to be. The collection of data consists of several factors such as. Pdf loads, stresses, and deflections in bicycle frames.

U of a ansys tutorials bicycle space frame university of alberta. Startup and preliminary setup go to all ansys learning modules. Ansys workbench 16 frame structure analysis youtube. This paper gives us the stress, strain, factor of safety of particular bicycle frame. The first main objective involved finite using element analysis fea to develop an integrated methodology to predict fatigue failure locations and fatigue lives at those locations. The automotive chassis frame is the structural backbone of any vehicle. How to design the lightest possible bike and still sleep at. Finite element analysis fea lends itself to solving this complex stress state. The frames attached to the plate edges along their neutral axes, rather than at their ends as we want. This paper presents static analysis of chassis frame of electric tricycle. Dynamic finite element analysis components of bicycle frame model and two dropping impact tests the onroad bicycle frame system, including the head tube, top tube, down tube, seat tube, seat stays, chain stays, and front fork, is given as shown in figure 1. Static and dynamic mechanical analysis was done on the design to test its rigidity and strength.

This is an area in which nonlinear finite element simulations are particularly effective. The analysis was simplified to a quasistatic analysis. Nov 24, 2017 ansys workbench 16 frame structure analysis eng. From ansys main menu select preferences and check structural option. The result obtained along with the images is as follows.

Bike frame fea analysis singapore frame structural design. Bike frame fea analysis singapore frame structural. The objective of this chapter is to figure out the forces being carried by these structures so that as an engineer, you can decide whether the structure can sustain these forces or not. Reducing the strain of additive manufacturing with. The modelling of each part was carried out in solid works then assembled and analysis of this was done using ansys as shown in below figure. The purpose of this analysis is to formulate a finite element model of the bicycle wheel using analyzing software ansys.

A dynamic model of body bicycle system was built in adams. Finite element analysis of an aluminium bike frame computer simulation in sports engineering rebecca alonzo msc sports engineering 3 2. Analysis, ansys, mountain bike frame, mg alloy, az91d i. Pdf structural analysis and optimization of bicycle frame. Under the model tab, we import the geometry file, assign shell element thickness, material properties, and mesh the part. Stress analysis is a very important field in product optimisation and in conjunction with finite element methods, solving complex structures is relatively quicker. Dynamic simulation was carried out after the data of body motions were input into the simulation system in adams and a series of loads that. The objective of this research is the analysis of bamboo frame bicycle using the finite element analysis method, to investigate the likely areas of failure of the bicycle. Impact test on bajafsae roll cage frame demo case with calculations. A new bicycle frame design via stress and structural weight analysis with finite. This analysis is done by considering conditions like static start up, steady state paddling, vertical impact, horizontal impact, rear wheel braking etc.

Automotive chassis frame is an important part of an automobile. In this project impacts and collisions involving a car frame model are simulated and analyzed using ansys software. Introduction a mountain bike or mountain bicycle is a bicycle designed for off road cycling. Bike frame analysis 5 the following step is required only if you are not running ansys professional. Pdf finite element analysis of all terrain bike atb. Rather, it states the problem to be solved and provides some tips and guidance on solving it using ansys mechanical. In theoretical analysis the frame is treated as truss like structure and the stresses in various members of frame like top tube, down tube, seat tube, chain. International journal for research in applied science. The student community is a public forum for authorized ansys academic product users to share ideas and ask questions. Results show that the highest stress occurs at front and rear fork part of frame structure which is finalized as failure. Finite element analysis of mountain bike frame using ansys. The guy behind you matters roopinder tara posted on july 17. Go through the truss and beam tutorials before attempting this problem.

This allowed scope for alteration in response to the structural analysis. It is a generally recommended method for large symmetric eigenvalues problems that. Structural analysis and optimization of bicycle frame designs. Tutorial18 bicycle frame analysis in ansys grabcad questions.

Methodology the methodology section depicts a flowchart based on how the design and analysis of the frame was done, based on the requirement of the customer. We will use these to benchmark our work and ensure accuracy. A study on structural health of bicycle frame using finite. These three different bicycle frame parts, including the saddle clamp, have high tolerance requirements. The problem to be modeled in this example is a simple bicycle frame shown in the following figure.

Static analysis of chassis frame of electric tricycle. The chassis frame forms the backbone of a heavy vehicle. Jul 15, 2014 you can find this tutorial in alberta university site but they have done it by ansys 9 and i have just modified it for new version. Finite element analysis of bicycle frame using ansys to verify the analytical result of stresses for pedal cycle frame it is compared with fea analysis. Next, elements to be used in the analysis are selected. This article analyzes the stress and optimizes the design of a customized bicycle frame using proengineer digital solid modeling and design software, through highresolution numerical computeraided engineering cae simulations of bicycle frame, stress analysis, numerical analysis, and optimal designs of the frame structure. Conclusion in this paper, analysis is carried on the frame designed for a quad bike made of aisi 4. The bicycle frame the bicycle frame is the main load bearing structure of the bicycle and in order to select materials for its construction or to make an efficient frame design the loads carried by the various components must be evaluated under realistic conditions. This is the main reason that 99% of the bicycle frame are made from steel. To verify the analytical result of stresses for bicycle frame it is compared with fea analysis. When a bicycle frame deflects under load application, work is done on the frame, resulting in the frames storage of human energy. A bicycle frame is the main component of a bicycle. Ansys static analysis work is carried out by considered two different materials namely aluminum and forged steel and their relative performances have been observed respectively. This paper deals with the stress analysis of bicycle frame by using finite element method.

Using the results of an fea of a model of the bicycle frame for the applied force of this test, quantitatively and qualitatively. Crash analysis of car chassis frame using finite element. In modopt mode extraction method we choose block lanczos. Click on the import geometry button to bring up the model import dialog. To verify the analytical result of stresses for bicycle frame it is compared with fea. Motion simulation was used to study the structural properties of a trolley by using the software ansys to investigate the stress. A bike frame may appear simple to the casual cyclist. Problem description the problem to be solved in this example is the analysis of a bicycle frame. Conceptual design of bicycle frame type equivalent stress total deformation directional deformation equivalent elastic strain minimum 0. Bicycle frame, weight optimization, design of frame, alternate material. Easily share your publications and get them in front of issuus.

Parametric finite element analysis of bicycle frame. The support reactions for such frames cannot be simply determined by external equilibrium. Material and design optimization for an aluminum bike frame. Introduction to ansys, page 6 now with create still selected, select all the other 6 frame lines. Cost analysis of bicycle facilities active living research.

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