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Veneer, wood veneers, veneer suppliers, decorative veneers. Photos are representative of actual product and will vary in color and grain since this is a natural product. Two consecutive leaves of veneer are book matched and the next two are flipped, creating a fourpiece end match also called a book andbutt match. Wood grain figures match at the joints creating a pleasing look of continuity and symmetry in a bank of cabinets or drawers. Packs are comprised of sequencematched veneers 48 in length and 412 to 612 in width.

Edge supply red oak wood veneer sheet flat cut, 24 x 96, peel and stick, a grade veneer face easy application with 3m self adhesive oak veneer sheet veneer sheets for restoration of. Categories discount center premium wood veneer sheets. Due to our ability to mill extremely wide quartersawn boards, we feature veneer widths up to 16 milled from a single board not spliced. This red oak, flat cut, wood veneer 4 ft x 8 ft with a 10 mil paper backer is suitable for fine woodwork, furniture, and cabinets. Within a certain panel, leaves can be balance matched or running matched. Usually done with lower grades of veneer, the leaves may be of varying width, colors and grains.

Step 2, application if the surface is not bare wood or the equivalent, adequate sanding will allow for better adhesion. If matching to existing wood, it is very likely that the piece to be matched will have been treated with a finish, e. Generally, rotary cut veneer is less expen sive than sliced. Oak crown cut veneered mdf half sheet 2440 x 600mm this is a commercial board, all sides need trimming our veneered mdf is made up from quality real wood veneers bonded to premium mdf. Beige to medium brown, which finishes to a rich honey color, flat cut. They are widely used for the fabrication of wood door,cabinet and furniture. Wood veneer samples and sample books oakwood veneer. And our main clients are wood door company,cabinet company,furniture company and. Wood veneer store buy wood veneer online peel and stick wood.

Photos are representative and the product will vary in color and grain since this is a natural product. European oak psa peel and stick wood veneer 200cm x 30cm. Koskiflex is a strong, flexible birch plywood with a beautiful smooth surface. White oak wood veneer sheet 48 x 120 with light color paper backer. Mar 26, 2019 bookmatching is a process in which two sheets of veneer are laid in a manner so that one sheet is the mirror image of the opposing sheet.

A half or quarter log is placed on the slicer which forces it laterally against a knife to produce narrow veneer sheets. Its open pored grain creates an interesting texture and a pattern that is highly complemented by most oil based stains. This is how veneer matches with crossjoints are produced, which can also be diagonal. Ironon preglued oak real wood veneer 2500mm x 300mm 98 x 11. There are some woodworking projects where the repetitive matching of sequential veneers laid side by side can look a little too artificial for some users. Book matched faces can be flat, quarter and rift cut veneers. New, unfinished woodedging will almost certainly be lighter in colour than existing wood. Ideal for facing off staircasing strings or flush doors to leave an oak finish. Ideal for jobs where large area is to be covered using real oak wood grain and size of solid oak is not available. These are sets of sheets manufactured from the same veneer flitch and.

Pre glued iron on light oak wood veneer sheets tri. Veneer is matched by color but not by grain pattern. Our veneer packs are carefully sequence matched, allowing for beautiful symmetrical grain patterns. Red oak wood veneer 24 x 48 with paper backer 2 x 4 x 1. We can normally find consecutive sheets of these 2500mm x 300mm veneer. It is easy to apply,and the most important is the kerf cutting edges is much more clear. Oakwood veneer is the largest instock manufacturer of wood veneer sheets in the united states. Preheat a hightemperature iron 204 c 400 f, and place a piece of packaging paper between the iron and the surface to protect the surface against.

Our veneered mdf is made up from quality real wood veneers bonded to premium mdf. Specialty supplies carries a wide array of products to meet your hardware needs regardless of the project there are many method with which to work with these products, and not. Truly timeless, the portfolio classic vertical oak door adds a touch of sophistication to any decor. I used the ironon glue method i had to cut the piece to size, role titebond original wood glue on both surfaces, allow it to dry, then position the veneer and go over it with a hot iron, which worked beautifully. We manufacture sawn not rotary cut veneer that replicates traditional veneer from the 18th and 19th century.

This results in all the same face sides being exposed. Wood veneer is made from virtually every species of wood and is used as a decorative covering in residential and commercial furniture, doors, wall paneling, and cabinetry. Other than oak, most species produce the same look as rift cut. Youll often find it necessary to join two or more pieces of veneer together to make up a large panel. When you see a variation in color between leaves of book matched veneer. Cut the veneer oversize approximatly 14 larger than the area to be covered. The good news is that this method can reveal some amazing results that can only be achieved with veneer. You may already have examples of book matched veneer in your home or office, for instance, on interior doors, cabinets, walls, and furniture. Quarter sawn anigre veneer comes in so many combinations and is also easy to sequence match. A technique for matching wood veneer veneer book matching is the most frequently used method for matching wood veneer.

Veneer matching, panel matching and panel positioning veneer matching occurs first and specifies how individual veneer leaves will be joined together on the face of the panel panel matching is then required to define how the completed veneer face is positioned during production of the panel. This is a commercial board, all sides need trimming, usable size 2400 x. Packs are comprised of sequence matched veneers 48 in length and 412 to 612 in width. Much of our stock is figured red oak veneer with its awesomely wild curly figure offered in.

Oak burl has a rustic charm that few other burl species can match. The individual veneer sheets are joined together spliced according to the required. Available in bespoke sheet sizes and with over 100 different species to choose from. When it comes to high quality, flexible wood veneer sheets, you have many great options. There are three matching processes to consider when using veneer. Oak laminate sheets are our popular decorative fancy fleece backing and paper backing wood veneers. The coarse grain, open pores, and light colors make it a great compliment to walnut, cherry, etimoe, and more. Apr 30, 2020 within a certain panel, leaves can be balance matched or running matched. Due to the national emergency please expect a possible 24 hour delay in shipping, thank you for your patience. Veneer cuts rotary peeled rotary red oak whole piece face shown below an entire log is placed into a lathe and rotated in uninterrupted contact with the lathe knife, resulting in a cut that roughly parallels the growth rings to produce a bold and often variegated grain pattern. Edgebanding is all natural wood veneer that has been presanded, backed, and preglued. Red oak wood veneer 24 x 48 with paper backer 2 x 4 x.

An angle of cut at 15 degrees to the radius of the filtch is used to minimize the ray flake effect in oak. Designed to give the feel and look of solid oak, with the versatility of a wood veneer sheet. All veneers feature an a grade face and a b grade face. Our main wood veneer products include man made wood veneer, natural veneers, paper back veneer,fleece backing veneer,splicing matched veneer,wrapping profile veneer and veneer edge banding. If the grain is straight, the joints will not be obvious. Two off cut sheets of oak veneer ideal for strings on the staircase.

Over 100 different species of flexible veneer available in many different sheet sizes and sanded. American white oak veneered mdf sheet savoy timber. I used this veneer to lay over a piece of 34 oak veneer plywood that stained terribly on a shaker dresser i was building. Products sheet material mdf veneered half sheets oak crown cut veneered mdf half sheet 2440 x 600mm oak crown cut veneered mdf half sheet 2440 x 600mm this is a commercial board, all sides need trimming. Walnut veneer real wood fleeced backed 2400mm x 300mm 0. Red oak is one of the commonly used veneers in the u. Much of our stock is figured red oak veneer with its awesomely wild curly figure offered in flat cut and quartersawn types below. Iron on pre glued real wood veneer sheets 2540mm x 250mm wood. Hickory pecan wood veneer 36 x 96 with paper backer 4 x 8. Book matched is side to side and bank matched is top to bottom see photo.

European oak psa peel and stick wood veneer 200cm x 30cm 79. Unfollow oak veneer to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Framatech hundreds of species of veneer sheets in stock and ready to ship. Some species also have a premium option, to ensure ideal quality, and sequence matching option, for perfect alignment of sheets on large areas such as walls. Our wide range of raw natural wood veneer sheets are sourced from all around the world. Pippy oak mdf veneered 2440 x 1220mm note these sheets need to be specially made and can take up two weeks to be manufactured. White oak wood veneer sheet 48 x 120 with paper backer a. Unfollow oak veneer sheets to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Wood veneer, oak, red flat cut, 4 x 8, 10 mil paper backer. Alternate leafs are turned like the pages of a book and the vertical edges are glued to make a face. New items just added to the discountoverstock center. Most pictures have been temporarily wet on the lower portion of the veneer to show what the grain may look like when finish is added.

Oak veneer solid wood 3mm thick, 5mm wide oak craft woodwork, feature walls. High quality walnut wood raw veneer made in the usa. Generally, slicing veneer produces more of a solid lumber appearance associated with the manner in which the half or quarter log is positioned in the slicer. Sauers white oak, rift cut 4x8 veneer sheet, 10mil paper. Adjacent veneer sheets are joined side by side, same sides up, for a uniform grain pattern. It can be laid up on a panel face in different sorts of matching. All our paperbacked veneer sheets allow the option to add a 3m pressure sensitive adhesive, for easy peel and stick application. Some photos are of other sizes and may be wet or finished to more accurately show the grain as. This highly figured quartered wood is a great choice for a big project. These sheets are made from several different flitches of veneer so that it looks like solid lumber. The appearance of the panel can be formal or casual, simple or busy based on the matching choice.

These are sets of sheets manufactured from the same veneer flitch and sequentially numbered. Relvenflex flexible veneer and flexible veneer sheets are a speciality of london based manufacturer reliance veneer. We also offer this species in aa grade paperbacked veneer, which can be applied with contact cement or any other veneer adhesive. Book matched veneer is kraft paper backed wood veneer,which use the thin natural veneers, engineered wood veneers or woven wood veneer as the face veneers,and then laminated with the kraft paper as the back layer. It is accomplished by turning every other veneer leaf over, and arranging it such that the grain opens at the spine, similar to the pages in a book. Utilises veneer match technology to create engineered real wood veneers with a consistent grain and colour.

Some pictures may show other sizes and wet or finished veneer. All sheets are cut with four straight parallel edges. Due to the nature of wood movement, shrinkage and expansion are possible. Our veneers come in a wide variety of species and sizes, ideal for any budget or application. Bookmatching is the practice of matching two or more wood or stone surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book as applied to wood, bookmatching is usually done with veneer produced in one of several ways, but can also be done with solid wood.

Its becoming hard to find highly figured veneers in large sizes. Often used with quarter sliced and rift sliced veneers, this is the process in which a sequence of matching veneer leaves or consecutive sheets of veneer are slipped out one after the next, to form the face of a panel product. As with any wood veneer, a clean, smooth, well prepared surface is essential for proper adhesion. Veneer slices are joined in sequence without flipping the pattern. Oak, red, quarter cut veneer species guide columbia forest products is proud to offer an exciting variety of hardwood and decorative softwood species of faces to meet the demand for architectural individuality in interior design applications. Slip match rift white oak wood veneer sheets available at oakwood veneer company.

Fiddleback quartered figured anigre veneer can be found originally in west and east africa, particularly tanzania. Sauers white oak, rift cut 4x8 veneer sheet, 10mil. Wood veneers appearance is not only dependent on the species of wood used, but. These sheets will later be joined together through one of the various matching methods to produce 4. Please call us prior to ordering to check stock availability. Oak wood veneer oak veneers american white oak veneer 118 x. End matching creates beautiful patterns and accentuates swirly grains and the irregular characteristics of veneer. Its not uncommon for oak burl to contain bark pockets called ingrown bark and small voids. Red oak wood veneer 24 x 48 with paper backer 2 x 4 x 140 overall thickness.

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