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Jain agam literature jainism literature center articles. Special attention will be given to how jain ideals such as ahimsa and anekantavada the doctrine of non onesidedness can serve as a much needed and welcome panacea to the worlds strife and. There are several religious sects prevailing in todays world like. Ahimsa paramo dharma hindupedia, the hindu encyclopedia.

According to jain texts, ahimsa is the greatest dharma. Per ancient and contemporary usage, as well as dictionary definitions, a follower of jain dharma, or jainism, is called a jain. Sri eknath easwaran has defined it, intriguingly, as that which makes us secure. Dharmastikaay as a dravya substance or a reality the principle of motion the true nature of a thing. Some quote it as from mahabharatham but where is the second limb of the sloka. In mahabharata, definition of dharma signifies the upholding of both thisworldly and the otherworldly affairs. Ahimsa paramo dharma, is it taken from mahabharata. Jainism is an eastern religion with origins in the indus river valley dating back to 3000 b. This seems to be something made up in the 20 th century. Painting in a jain temple with the statement ahinsa paramo dharma. Practical experience and validation through new scientific discoveries can reinforce our faith in a jain way of life jwol. Five great vows mahavratas of jainism jainism literature. Ahinsa ahinsa, alternatively spelled ahinsa, sanskrit. On this day, fasting, meditation, atonement, worship of the holy books, and holy recitation take place.

Contact us 715 bellemeade place, alpharetta, ga 0004, usa. In jainism, the word dharma is used to refer the following. The texts had to be memorised since jain monks and nuns were not allowed to possess religious books as part of their vow of nonacquisition. This festival honors the 15th century reformer lonka saha who founded the sthanakvasi sect of jains, opposed to temple worship and the use of idols of any sort. For understanding this utmost significance attached to the principle of ahimsa in jainism, it is quite necessary to see, in brief. Jainworld is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of jain tradition of wisdom, compassion, equality, brotherhood, universal wellbeing and spirituality. Jains see these texts, which are the transcriptions of lord mahavirs sermons, as sacred documents. Jain texts assign a wide range of meaning to the sanskrit dharma or prakrit dhamma. Many a time i have pondered over this subject, but i could never come to a conclusion. Dharma is derived from sanskrit dhri, meaning to sustain, support or hold. The world of jainism this is the best book on jainism. Ahimsa paramo dharma essay in sanskrit kalisher essay movies. Dharma is a sanskrit word, based on the root vdhr, uphold, support, and can be defined as the law, duty, religion, responsibility, path, or nature, which upholds the underlying order of the universe. In hinduism an exception to the general dharma of nonviolence is made in the case of a righteous or just war and in a sacrifice in which sometimes animals are killed.

Ahimsa paramo dharmah non violence is the supreme dharma. Nonviolence in sanatan dharma hinduism and sanatan. Jainism is an ancient religion belonging to the sramana tradition. The legendary accounts of mahaviras life preserved by the jain scriptures. Ahimsa paramo dharmah nonviolence is the supreme religion jains believe that violence in thought and speech is as bad as physical violence, so. Many sources over internet say so and claim that it is a halftruth and the remaining half is himsa dharma tadaivacha. The jain concept of ahimsa is very different from the concept of nonviolence found in other. The first precept in jainism is ahimsa nonviolence, which extends to. The holy book of jainism is a collection of texts known as agam literature or the agam sutras. Buddhism and jainism impose total nonviolence on their followers. Sravakadharma is the religious path for the virtuous householders, where charity and. Ahinsa in jainism is a fundamental principle forming the cornerstone of its ethics and doctrine. A jain is a follower of the jina, or spiritual victor. It is often translated as religion and as such, jainism is called jain dharma by its adherents.

The 22nd tirthankara, krishnas cousin, who is compassionate towards animals. So a himsa means literally lacking any desire to kill, which is perhaps the central theme upon which hindu, jain, and buddhist morality is built. Thus, the entire phrase means that nonviolence is the topmost duty to the extent that it supersedes. Books on jainism and jain philosophy hindu website.

Ahimsa paramo dharma is a sanskrit phrase that is often repeated today to demonstrate the universality of ahimsa. Collectively these texts are called jain canonical or agam literature. The term ahinsa means nonviolence, noninjury and absence of desire to harm any life forms. These texts are collectively known as agams, the sacred books of the jain religion. Altogether, the merits that attach to it are so many that they are incapable of being exhausted even if one were to speak for a hundred years. For thousands of years, jains have been practicing vegetarianism, yoga, meditation and environmentalism. But the religious jains will do everything possible to prevent hurting any being. First of all hindu is not a religion, its the name gcalled by persians based on sindhu river civilization. The term ahimsa means nonviolence, noninjury or absence of desire to harm any life forms. Ahimsa in life has its limitations in its practice. Buddhism and jainism impose total non violence on their followers. The book presents jainism in a way that is authentic and engaging to specialists and nonspecialists alike. Nonviolence is the supreme religion ahimsa parmo dharma.

Jain otherworldliness depends on a severe code of peacefulness or ahimsa which incorporates vegetarianism, almsgiving dana, right confidence in the three gems, the act of starknesses tapas, for example, fasting, and yogic practices. You cannot violate the freedom of other beings ahimsa paramo dharma patriji,dhyana mahachakram. Because jainism holds the concept of ahimsa as a much more important and complex idea than. Which was not a result of the baby boom that followed world war ii answers apex.

Ahimsa paramo dharmah nonviolence is the supreme religion jains believe that violence in thought and speech is as bad as physical violence, so they try to control things like anger, greed, pride and jealousy. Getting others to do harm, or allowing others to do harm, is as bad as doing harm yourself. The jains usually avoid harming the smallest insects in their daily routine. So, when we say about the religion jainism we actually mean jain way of life and. It is a key virtue in hinduism, buddhism and jainism.

Ahimsa is the most important tenet of indian philosophy. In the manu smriti, the great lawbook of hinduism, it is written, ahimsa paramo dharma. Vegetarianism and other nonviolent practices and rituals of jains flow from the principle of ahimsa. Jains preferred name of their religion which means nonviolence is the ultimate religion. Violence and attachment attract karma, a sticky physical substance that clings to human souls, binding them to samsara. A sanskrit phrase largely popularized by gandhi and is repeated by many across the world today to emphasise on nonviolence. Michael tobias has described nonviolance ahimsa in great details. Even religious scriptures were considered possessions and therefore knowledge of the. It is true that the golden thread of the idea of protection of dharma at any cost. In saman suttam 35, kevali pannattam dhammam saranam pavvajjami, dharma. Dharma himsa tattaiva cha is regularly quoted on the more militant side of things as the full form of ahimsa paramo dharma. Prathamanuyoga dharmakathanuyoga religious stories.

The phrase was first used in mahabharata and literally means nonviolence is the ultimate duty to the extent that it supersedes all other duties. By krishna maheshwari ahimsa paramo dharma is a sanskrit phrase that was popularized by mahatma gandhi and is often repeated by many leaders today to demonstrate the universality of ahimsa. True ahimsa implies curtsey, kindness, hospitality, humanity and. It upholds nonviolence as the supreme religion ahimsa paramo dharmah and has insisted. Dharma is a key component of hinduism, buddhism, jainism, and sikhism, and in one form or another the. Even the mahabharata and the ramayana which are essentially about war declare boldly ahimsa is the paramo dharma whether we are atheist, theist or agnostic we can reduce the harm we inflict, whether hindu, muslim, christian. Buddhism rejects caste distinctions based on birth. What one understands about ahimsa is simply not to kill, harm, or abuse any living creature including plants.

Also the religious books and scriptures were considered possessions and attachments. This unique focus on the book and god makes a religion conclusive, exclusionary and separative. In addition to their dedication to the practice of ahimsa, jains typically perform tapas asceticism in order to achieve moksa cort 721. Hindus believe in eternal truths and these truths are opened to anyone who seeks them, even if he or she is ignorant of hindu scriptures or ideas. There are several samskrit halfstatements, we often use that sounds full statements truth such as ahimsha paraamo dharma a we need to correct sucha halfstatement s halfknowledge, and come out from gandhiana delusion. Ahimsa paramo dharmah nonviolence is the supreme dharma. This book is a brief introduction to the jain religion, including a close look at its inception and how it evolved over time to its present day status. Nobody has been able to find the original quote from the mahabharata, which is the usual citation.

Loosely translated, ahimsa means nonviolence, paramo means topmost, ultimate, or supreme, and dharma means duty. Jainism is the oldest religion in the world which is pure sanathan dharma which bra. Not so our religion except in the case of ascetics. You cannot violate the freedom of other beings ahimsa. Dhaaranaad dharma ity aahur dharmena vidhrtaah prajaah, yat syaad dhaarana sanyuktam sa dharma iti nishchayah mahabharata 12. This religion also professes nonviolence ahimsa paramo dharma non violence is the highest duty.

Jainism is one of the three most ancient indian religious traditions still in. Prior to 8 th century nobody knew about hindu religion. Ahimsa is one of the cardinal virtues of jainism, where it is first of the pancha mahavrata. May be it is there inside the two lakhs lines but from the text i could manage to see, i could not trace this. But even though quotes dharma himsaa tadaiva cha, i am struggling to trace the sloka. Jain texts expound that there are ten life essentials or lifeprinciples, these.

The central tenet of jainism is ahimsa nonviolence and respect towards all living beings. The voices of the wise ones constantly cry ahimsa is the paramo dharma. Hence, etymologically religion is meant to gather a community to read the holy book and to have reverence for the holy god. Ahinsa ahinsa, ahinsa, ahinsa, avihinsa in jainism is a fundamental principle forming the cornerstone of its ethics and doctrine.

The phrase was first used in mahabharata and literally means nonviolence is the ultimate duty. Who is the orator of the shloka and to whom is it addressed and in which context are they discussing this. And in the vedas, prithivim dharmanaa dhritam, signifies dharma as. According to jainism all living beings, irrespective of their size, shape, or different spiritual developments. Wealth, property, grains, house, books, clothes, etc. Ahimsa from the chapter dharmas common to all, in hindu. Jainism, indian religion teaching a path to spiritual purity and enlightenment through. Ahimsa the concept of nonharming in hinduism mahavidya. The term jainist which is found on some internet websites is not used in either literature or common parlance. Jainism considers ahimsa as both a doctrine and an elaborate theory, and consider ahimsa as a vrata vow, promise. The first tirthankara who helped establish civilization of humans. Nonviolence is seen as the most essential religious duty for everyone ahi.

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